Possible Injuries from Back-to-School Sports

Possible Injuries from Back-to-School Sports
September 1, 2017 Ryan Robinson
Back to school sports injuries from Walking Mobility Clinics in Ontario

The school season is starting up again soon, and before you know it, your kids will be back into the swing of school sports. Hockey, track and field, baseball and other great school sports are just around the corner.

At Walking Mobility Clinics, we see two types of parents who have kids in sports: the ones who will do anything to get their son to the NHL, or the parents who are proactive and want to make sure any possible foot issues or injuries are addressed before the sport season starts.

What Can I Do as a Parent Before the Season Starts?

For preventing or managing injuries from school sports, it’s important to make sure your child is warming up well. Proper warm-up procedures help limber up muscles, and can prevent potential injuries that arise from sudden overexertion. You can also make sure that, in addition to the sport or activity they participate in, that they’re also getting prepared for the onslaught of the season with regular training. Keep them active over the summer so they’re more prepared for the intense sporting season ahead.

Treating Injuries at Home

Pain arising from sports injuries should first be managed with the RICE technique, which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. This can help with more minor injuries or pain that arises from sudden activity. More constant pain or persistent injuries, on the other hand, shouldn’t be managed at home. Get them into the clinic to see a specialist as soon as possible. They’ll be able to determine whether it’s a transient or more persistent problem. If your child complains of the same pain on a regular basis, at the same pain site, or experiences swelling or redness, this could be a sign of a chronic problem and is also a great reason to come into our clinic.

Flat or Rolled Feet

Some children may be predisposed to foot pain or problems, which can become exacerbated with regular exercise and activity. Soccer, football, hockey and cross country can all be impacted by underlying biomechanical conditions or weaknesses like flat feet. Take a look at your child’s foot and see if they have excessively flat or rolled feet. If your child is barely in high school and complains of back pain, or if they experience foot pain immediately following the activity, this could be a sign of an underlying biomechanical issue. Examine the soles of their shoes for uneven wear patterns, and contact us if you notice any of these signs.

Ankle, Knee & Heel Pain

Ankle injuries are a common sports injury for children in elementary school and high school. Rolled or sprained ankles may be caused by improper footwear, or may just be the result of bad luck. Knee pain can often result from hockey, and can be a sign of Osgood-Schlatter’s disease. While this is a chronic foot condition, it can easily be managed with a knee brace. Additionally, heel pain can be common especially in children because of adolescent age conditions, like sever’s disease. This can be solved with foot orthotics.

If your child is experiencing any kind of foot pain, whether it results from sports or not, contact the Walking Mobility Clinics location closest to you. Our clinical experts can help you find the solution to fit your child’s foot needs!


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