3 Tricks Your Doctor Knows To Find Out What’s Wrong With Your Foot

3 Tricks Your Doctor Knows To Find Out What’s Wrong With Your Foot
July 1, 2017 Ryan Robinson
3 Tricks Your Doctor Knows for Diagnosing Foot Problems | Walking Mobility Clinics Ontario

At Walking Mobility Clinics across Ontario, our team has years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot problems. In this blog, we’ll share a couple of tricks that doctors use to figure out the cause of your foot problems.

1) Mulder’s Click

Doctors use Mulder’s Click (also known as Mulder’s Sign) to find out whether patients are suffering from Morton’s neuroma. This examination requires the doctor to squeeze the knuckles of the toes together with one hand. If the patient experiences pain or a click during this examination, it’s likely that they’re suffering from Morton’s neuroma.

2) Tinel’s Sign

Tinel’s Sign is used to detect irritated or damaged nerves. By lightly tapping the affected area, the doctor will try to elicit a sensation similar to pins and needles. If the patient experiences this tingling during the examination, they likely have nerve damage or a pinched nerve. This can be used on the foot, ankle or hand, as it’s often used to test for carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

3) Heel Squeeze Test

When patients experience heel pain, the most common cause is usually plantar fasciitis. But patients who experience heel pain shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that they have plantar fasciitis. Doctors use the Heel Squeeze Test to see if something else might be causing the heel pain.

Using both palms, the doctor will gently squeeze the heel. If the patient experiences pain, it may be a sign of a nerve condition, a stress fracture, or a calcaneal cyst in the heel.

When you experience foot pain and foot problems, it’s important to get a professional assessment to determine the cause and what kind of treatment options are right for you. If you’re experiencing foot pain, contact Walking Mobility Clinics across Ontario today!


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