Why Don’t My Orthotics Work?

Why Don’t My Orthotics Work?
October 1, 2017 Ryan Robinson
Why Don't My Orthotics Work? | Walking Mobility Clinics Ontario

Have you ever bought a pair of orthotics, thinking that they’d ease the pain in your feet, only to be disappointed with the results? Using the wrong pair of orthotics is a big reason there are so many misconceptions out there about using orthotics to treat foot problems. But not all orthotics are created equal. Here are a few reasons why your orthotics may not work:

Your Shoes Don’t Match

Did you get a pair of orthotics for your shoes that were already giving you pain and trouble? The key to getting the most out of your orthotics is to match them with the right pair of shoes. You may have to buy a pair of shoes that’s a little roomier and deeper to accommodate the orthotic without putting pressure on the top of your foot.

Custom Or Not?

Custom orthotics are often the best solution for a number of foot problems. From plantar fasciitis to diabetes to arthritis, using orthotics doesn’t just help with the pain, they can also help to realign your feet and slow the progression of certain foot disorders. However, not everyone requires custom support; some people simply could benefit from an off-the-shelf insole.

An assessment with a pedorthist can help determine the right solution for you.

How to Make Sure You’re Getting Custom Orthotics

Here’s the truth: not all orthotics are created equal… in fact, some of them are not even fully custom.

To make sure you’re getting truly custom orthotics fitted exactly to your feet and needs, it’s important to know what you should expect during your assessment. They should…

  • Ask about your medical history
  • Ask about how the injury occurred (if there was one)
  • Ask about your specific symptoms
  • Conduct a thorough gait analysis
  • Conduct a comprehensive range of motion exam
  • Conduct an in-depth postural exam
  • Determine the movement pattern of your foot
  • Inspect your shoes and determine what combination of shoes and orthotics will work for you
  • Fully educate you about their findings

At Walking Mobility Clinics across Ontario, we videotape your analysis and assessment and use an advanced 3D laser casting process to get the best fit for your feet.

While custom orthotics are not covered by OHIP, it may be covered by your insurance provider. Find out if you have coverage for custom orthotics.


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