If you’re looking for a bracing, orthopedic footwear, or custom orthotics in Orillia, we can help you find a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Walking Mobility Clinics provide a comprehensive model for leg and foot care, offering the best leg and foot clinics in Canada. Our experienced teams include professional pedorthists, foot care specialists, and massage therapists — you can learn more about the staff at our Orillia Clinic below.

If you’re looking for a bracing, orthopedic footwear, or custom orthotics in Orillia, we can help you find a solution that meets your specific needs. Come by our office on Coldwater Rd W to learn more.

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Carlee Woods – Foot Care

Carlee is a certified nail technician from the Barrie School of Esthetics and has been trained directly by a foot care nurse specializing in problem feet and nails. She is proud to volunteer her foot care services to the Light House Shelter for those who are in need. Her history in the “foot world” dates back to her grandfather, who originally owned Thomas Wood Shoes here in Orillia many years ago. As her father Murray moved into the world of Pedorthics from strictly footwear, Carlee began to appreciate the biomechanics of feet and importance of proper footwear and is now following in the family name of foot care by adding her nail services to those offered here at Thomas Wood Pedorthic Clinic. Carlee offers nail trimming, foot soaks, callus removal and manicure/pedicure services which compliments beautifully our overall focus which is happy and healthy feet. Carlee is a valuable addition to our team!

Angela Lewis - Massage Therapist

Angela was raised in Orillia, ON and is therefore familiar and concerned with the health of her community.  She graduated from Georgian College in the Nursing program in 1988.  After 12 years of working in many medical facilities and departments, as well as 2 countries, as a Registered Nurse,  Angela returned to Orillia to raise her family.

She graduated top of her class from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy  in 1997, earning the Academic Excellence Award.

Angela has also been the recipient of several certificates of achievement for her work in the community, as well as being chosen “Orillia’s Favourite Massage Therapist” in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 via the Orillia Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards.  She is currently celebrating over 31 years in healthcare, many of those alongside World Class Healthcare Professionals.

You are well cared for in her hands.

Marcie Doughty – Footwear Modification Technician

Marcie received her Certification in 2008. She began working with Murray in 2004 as the office manager and quickly developed an interest in Pedorthics. With a Kinesiology degree already in hand, she was accepted into the Pedorthics Program at The University of Western Ontario. In 2008, Marcie completed her written and practical examinations and received her Canadian Certified Pedorthic Technician and Canadian Certified Pedorthist designations. Today, she focuses her attention on the footwear modification end of Pedorthics, modifying footwear with external lifts, Flares/Buttresses, Balloon patches, Birkenstock resoling and much more.

Clinic Reviews from Google My Business

Reviewed 4.7/5 Stars from 3 Reviews

Good personal service. Seems very knowledgeable.”

— Ravi Aggarwal

“Knowledgeable staff, an awesome array of shoes that don’t look like your average clunky orthopaedic shoes. Women would love some of these new lines of shoes. I’ve bought 2 pairs already (super cute striped denim sneakers, a pair of brown leather convertible walking sandals), and have a pair of flip-flops on order.  

Still trying to decide on which walking shoes I want though. There are so many cute ones, I haven’t been able to make up my mind yet. They also have facilities to do repairs, add lifts, fix soles and they have more than just pedorthic staff — they’ve got massage therapists too.”

— J. Gracey Stinson