“I can now concentrate on football instead of foot pain!”

After training on an aching arch for 2 months, I could no longer run without pain, and worse, I didn’t know what was causing the problem. I was scared I would lose my season due to this injury. Walking Mobility Clinics pinpointed and tacked it with custom orthotics that corrected my problem and carried me through a 2 day practice pain free!!! I can now concentrate on football instead of foot pain!

Thank you Walking Mobility Clinics.

James Yurichuk, Toronto Argonauts Football Team

“I credit her, literally, with getting me ‘back on my feet.'”

I have had the good fortune to have my pedorthist at the Walking Mobility Clinic for a couple of years now. I have very complicated and extremely painful foot issues that have immobilized me for several years prior to going to Walking Mobility Clinics.

I credit them, literally, with getting me “back on my feet.”

Not only are they extremely skilled and knowledgeable as pedorthist, they have the patience of a saint!! For me, it has been an ongoing process of trial and error, along with many, many adjustments to my orthotics, that has enabled me to return to somewhat normal functioning. The staff there are compassionate, caring, and they really listen to me as I try explain the difficulties I have with my feet. They’re empathy toward my situation and their willingness to be creative and to “think outside the box” in constructing my truly one-of-a-kind orthotics, has given me back my freedom to walk and has returned my mobility to me.

I cannot imagine that anyone else but Walking Mobility Clinics could have done this for me.

I am extremely grateful for their ingenuity, their skill and kindness.

 Joanne Austin

“It’s comforting to know I can play a demanding sport and not have to worry about my feet or ankles.

It has been great working with Walking Mobility Clinics-Barrie clinic. An important asset to my game is my foot speed. Walking Mobility Clinics have created a base for my shoes and skates that help me maintain proper foot mechanics. It’s comforting to know I can play a demanding sport and not have to worry about my feet or ankles.

The staff takes it to another level with his passion and determination to help others. Their enthusiasm and positive outlook on their challenges speaks for itself.

Mark Visentin, Professional Hockey Player

“I feel like I am walking on a cloud.”

Last month I went to Walking Mobility in the Royal Bank Plaza to have a pair of orthotics made. I told the staff about the problems I had with my feet and they suggested an in-house specialist. I made an appointment with him and he removed my corns that I had for years in less than 10 minutes and it was painless. I cannot believe I am no longer walking in pain. I feel like I am walking on a cloud. I have told everybody at work and showed them my new orthotics and my new orthopaedic shoes. I still cannot believe how much pain I put up with!

I would like to thank Walking Mobility Clinics for taking good care of me.


“Thank you for the great service, welcoming atmosphere and attentive
care and expertise in assessing and solving my foot pain problems.”

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for the great service, welcoming atmosphere and attentive care and expertise in assessing and solving my foot pain problems. My insurance claim was processed quickly and efficiently, which was much appreciated. I also really like the new shoes which I purchased through the clinic. Although stylish, they, along with my orthotics, have almost eliminated my foot pain.

I am very pleased with the results and would be happy to recommend the Clinic to anyone needing foot or leg care.

Thank you for a job well done,

“This is the same help that has also motivated me to take my running to a whole new level”

My experience with orthotics has been one which coincided with a realization that there are a lot of improvements to be realized with a program that directly provides extra physical support during a variety of training days and races. This is the same help which I can tell has left my lower body in better physical shape following a 2:53 hr. marathon than what I had felt after a 3:12 and 3:10 two years before I began using Walking Mobility Clinics’ services.

This is the same help that has also motivated me to take my running to a whole new level from being an occasional Boston Qualifier peaking about 50 to 55 miles a week to about 80 miles a week. Walking Mobility Clinics quickly got to know everything about my history and gave a full physical analysis. They even got me into the right type of shoes and post race effects on my feet and my legs have never been better despite the higher mileage. The casts were made in the spring of 2012 and kept on file which made replacing the old ones a year later much easier.  Now it looks like more and more of the clinics have taken interest in seeing what else is yet to come and I want to give them even more reason to be interested as I finish near the front of the field more often because the clinic gave me the opportunity to realize how much more potential there is to be realized.

Thomas Tielen,

Top Mississauga finisher in the Missisauga Half Marathon 2012 & 2013

“I wanted to gush to you about how great an experience it was and I was really impressed”

Dear Walking Mobility Clinics,

I wanted to gush to you about how great an experience it was and I was really impressed. As a lay person in the world of orthotics, but as a specialist in my own world, I could tell in about a minute that the staff at the clinic are a true masters of their fields. They were able to identify, isolate and explain my problems almost instantly.

They helped me through the paces on the treadmill and explained the entire process in detail. They understood my fitness goals (and aspirations) and was able to speak directly to exactly what I needed to do. While they could address my foot problem, they were also able to explain how other people in the office could help with my hips, which together would pretty much sort me out.

I would rate my experience as A++. I would never have expected such an amazing result. I’m back to see them in several weeks and have already ordered a pair of orthotics and brought 2 of the inserts home today.

I can’t thank you enough. As you know, working out is extremely important to me and not being able to right now and fearful that I am “out of kilter” to the point that I am at risk of additional injury has been a source of tremendous frustration. With the help of the team at Walking Mobility Clinics, I am really excited about getting all fixed up so thank you very much

Sander Shalinsky, Patient