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When your feet and body feel great, you walk more, exercise more, travel more, and do more of the active things you love. Foot and leg pain may seem like a minor issue to some, but if you’ve experienced it, you know that it can have a negative impact on your work, mood, and even your overall health.

Your One Stop For Foot and Leg Pain Relief

Our team consists of Canadian certified pedorthists and other medical professionals specializing in foot and leg treatments. Since 1997, We’ve helped thousands of people overcome foot and leg pain, including everything from sore feet at work to severe diabetic foot complications. Learn more

Your Treatment Plan

When you book an appointment at Walking Mobility, you will be triaged to the appropriate specialist for your needs. Your treatment process then starts by learning more about you and your lifestyle, assessing your feet and walking gait, and building a plan to improve your symptoms and keep you active.

What makes Walking Mobility so different?

While there are many clinics offering different specialists under one roof, Walking Mobility is the only one that focuses solely on feet and leg treatments. Our multi-disciplinary approach gives you the most effective combination of treatments to get you back on your feet faster.

Quality Products and Services

We carry quality products including comfort and orthopedic footwear, bracing, and rehab products. Additional services you have access to include physiotherapy, chiropody, pediatric and diabetic foot care.

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Don’t put off foot or leg pain. Talk to a specialist today and get trusted advice to help you get you back on your feet and doing more of the things you love.

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*Referred custom orthotics candidates can get coverage through most 3rd party insurance providers.

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