Footwear Solutions

At Walking Mobility Clinics we believe that footwear plays a critical role in maintaining foot health.

Here’s a question for you: Would you ever consider putting a Ferrari engine into a rusted out, old Chevy with bald tires? ……Obviously the answer is NO, as you could not expect to get the same results from that engine as you would if it went into the right frame and body. Why then, if you wear foot orthotics, would you consider putting your “high performance engine” into the wrong shoes?

At Walking Mobility Clinics we are interested in providing our patients with a total footwear solution. This means fitting you with the right shoe, sandal, slipper, boot to meet your specific needs. Your footwear and orthotics must work together to give you the control and support that you require.

We carry orthopaedic, sport, casual and dress footwear to fit your lifestyle.

Sandals at Walking Mobility Clinics