At Walking Mobility Clinic we offer the most complete list of services for the treatment of legs and feet in the country!

We are specialists in:

  • Geriatrics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Pedorthics
  • Advanced Bracing
  • Chiropody/Foot care

We have put together the right team to help you!


Most kids have “flat feet” and usually it’s nothing to worry about. However, other kids have real troubles with their feet that can lead to greater problems down the road as they age.
Early diagnosis is the key to preventing these future problems.
We’ll be happy to take a look and give you our medical opinion whether there is a problem or not.


Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes or have been living with the condition for many years, it is extremely important to have your feet assessed for any present or potential problems. Proper footwear and support are critical. We can help!


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