About Walking Mobility Clinics

We started Walking Mobility Clinics in 1997 with one simple goal in mind. We wanted to be the BEST leg and foot clinic in the country, we set about developing the most comprehensive model for foot and leg care in order to achieve that goal.

Do you experience foot, knee, leg or back pain while walking, running or standing? If so, you may be one of the thousands of people who experience a variety of different foot pain or lower limb conditions but don’t know where to go for a solution. Walking Mobility Clinics and our TEAM approach offers the kind of care that most patients require.

The Pedorthists and Chiropodists at the Walking Mobility Clinics want to help alleviate your foot pain and get you back to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only will we provide you with a thorough assessment of your current condition, but through our unique model we are capable of providing you with the treatment options ON SITE that you might require. This may include: nail and callus care, custom made orthotics, custom and orthopaedic footwear, custom and off-the-shelf braces, and compression therapy.

If you are experiencing discomfort while doing some of your favourite activities, ask your family physician for a referral to our foot clinic or simply book an assessment through this website. With 12 locations in Ontario, we likely have a foot clinic close to you.

Want to Work with Us?

Walking Mobility Clinics are continually growing and expanding our services in the greater Toronto and surrounding areas. If you are a Pedorthist or Chiropodist and would like to join our growing team of professionals, apply today!