Knee Arthritis: Would A Brace Help Me?

Knee Arthritis: Would A Brace Help Me?
March 1, 2017 Ryan Robinson
Knee Arthritis: Would a Brace Help? | Walking Mobility Clinics Ontario

If you have knee arthritis, you’re probably wondering about your treatment options. As the condition develops, knee arthritis can be a real problem when walking or climbing stairs. It can even cause pain when sitting or lying down. The most common forms of treatment for knee arthritis include anti-inflammatory medication, bracing and orthopedic surgery, but the right treatment option depends on a number of factors.

How old are you?

While orthopedic surgery is often the first method of treatment that comes to mind for moderate to severe knee arthritis issues, it’s not always possible. The main reason for a patient not being a surgical candidate is usually their age, and most doctors recommend other treatment options before surgery. Most knee replacements only last 10 years, so the younger the patient, the more likely that they will require revision surgery in the future.

What is the severity of your condition?

Arthritis of the knee can be treated a number of other ways if it hasn’t progressed to the point that surgery is required. Patients can improve the muscle support in their knee with exercise and physical therapy. Weight loss can help your knee by removing extra pressure. There are also a number of medications that can be injected into the knee joint to help reduce inflammation.

Do you have other conditions?

Surgery is not recommended for people with other major health conditions as these can affect the outcome of the surgery, posing a risk to the patient. Conditions like circulation issues, heart problems and diabetes are all risks for patients when it comes to surgery.

Why choose a knee brace instead?

As noted above, there may be reasons why surgery and medications are not an option. In these cases, bracing can be an effective solution. A knee brace is used to help unload the affected joint and, in some cases, can provide instant relief.

There are a number of bracing options available. These braces are designed to reduce pain in knee osteoarthritis patients, improve their physical function and even slow the progression of the disease. The unloading braces work by improving alignment and shifting weight off the degenerative part of the knee. Braces are also a great choice for patients whose knee arthritis is uni-compartmental. New technologies are always coming out for unloading knee braces, offering more and more options for pain relief and management.

Want to learn more about the recent research? Click here to read a study about the effectiveness of bracing in cases of knee arthritis.

If you’re an active person, using a brace won’t prevent you from continuing to enjoy the activities you love. Braces can be used for sports, as well as daily activities like walking the dog and jogging.

At Walking Mobility Clinics, you can test out a trial brace to see if this solution works for you — before committing to a purchase. To test out a trial brace for knee osteoarthritis, contact us today!


  1. If you have ever suffered from knee pain, you know how frustrating it can be. Knee braces are made to provide support and reduce the impact of repetitive motion on the knees. They also help relieve pain caused by injuries, inflammation or arthritis.

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